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The JNAF has turned the spotlight on women artists with its new exhibition - Voicing a Presence: Women Artists in the Jehangir Nicholson Collection. The exhibition features over 50 works created by 25 women artists and reflects the strong interest and support the collector Jehangir Nicholson extended to their work.

The seeds of the Jehangir Nicholson collection were sown by a woman – though, tragically, with her passing away. Nicholson bought his first painting in 1968 after his wife Dina died. From that first painting the collection has grown to about 800 works by more than 250 artists. In an age when women had to fight for prominence, he was an avid collector of their works – close to 60 women artists are represented in the collection. Jehangir Nicholson also supported the first serious studies of contemporary women artists in India.
The exhibition features a whole range of artists through 70's 80's and 90's when women artists registered a strong presence on the Indain art scene.

  • Laxman Shreshtha: The Infinite Project | Curated by Ranjit Hoskote | Phase I: Aug 18 - Oct 3 and Phase II: Oct 14 - Dec 31

  • 18 Aug 16   - 31 Dec 16
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  • Laxman Shreshtha: The Infinite Project, Phase II

    Second phase of the retrospective of artist Laxman Shreshtha

  • 14 Oct 16   - 31 Dec 16
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